Tides of Magic | Podium Audio

Tides of Magic

By: James C. Williams

Performed by: Austin Rising

Released: November 03, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 27 hr, 9 min

When Hal Emden hears about a contest that offers winners the chance to test the newest game from his favorite designer on a cutting edge, unprecedented virtual reality system, he had to try his luck.

Surprisingly, he wins. A full week, all expenses paid to play the fully immersive game Tides of Magic Online.

He is now about to play at a what might be the largest live gaming press event of all time, which is swarming with journalists, online personalities and other contest winners. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, it’s not like Elwin, the creator of the game and series, is an insane psychopath intent on trapping them in his virtual world for purposes unknown… right?



James C. Williams

I'm some random guy who works in IT and loves parrots. I wrote and published my first book on what amounts to a dare and it brought me here.



Austin Rising