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Apocalypse Parenting

Time to Play

Book 1

By: Erin Ampersand

Performed by: Laurie Catherine Winkel

Released: February 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 43 min

A few minutes ago, Meghan Moretti’s biggest concern was getting the kids’ athletic clothes washed in time for practice this evening.
Now, it seems that Earth has been forced into participating in some high-stakes intergalactic reality television. All electrical wiring has been slagged, and most combustibles neutralized. Some kind of evil space rodents are appearing on the front lawn, too.
Like any parent, Meghan’s first instinct is to keep her young kids safely away from the monsters, but an odd stroke of luck has her coming into some advanced information about this dangerous game. She learns that her kids will have to fight too.
What’s a mom to do?
Time to Play is the beginning of Apocalypse Parenting, an apocalyptic LitRPG saga.



Erin Ampersand

Erin Ampersand is from an ignoble branch of the Punctuation Peerage,  considered little better than those scurrilous Interrobangs. In addition to writing and reading, Erin loves games of all sorts, from tabletop RPGs to videogames, although she is rather bad at platformers and hopeless at first-person shooters. She and her husband own enough board games to capsize a standard canoe. 



Laurie Catherine Winkel