Titans | Podium Audio

Deadmen’s War


Book 5

By: Anthony J. Melchiorri

Performed by: Mark Boyett

Released: September 12, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 53 min

The entire planet wants to kill them.
In a galaxy where survival is an uphill battle, Shaw and the Deadmen have braved the worst of it. After narrowly escaping the violent takeover of a New World Republic colony planet, they are now en route to Arbornides—the key to unlocking the secrets behind the devastating Scourge.
However, Arbornides is no ordinary planet. Its design was meant to expel invaders, and the Deadmen fight tooth and nail to keep themselves and their science teams alive. Along the way, they must also lead a brand-new platoon of Sentinel operators, who will prove crucial in the days to come.
Because time is running out.
The Principality’s conquest of the NWR draws near, and the Scourge continues to spread. While Shaw and the Deadmen are determined to stop them, the stakes have never been higher. Failure means certain doom for the entire human race. But with new feral Sentinels and ancient weapons around every corner, the cost of success may be higher than they ever imagined.
Titans, the fifth book in the Deadmen’s War series, is a riveting fusion of Pacific Rim and Starship Troopers that will leave you on the edge of your seat.



Anthony J. Melchiorri

Anthony J Melchiorri is a scientist with a PhD in bioengineering. By day, he develops cellular therapies and 3D-printable artificial organs. By night, he writes apocalyptic, medical, and science fiction thrillers that blend real-world research with other-worldly possibility. When he isn't in the lab or at the keyboard, he spends his time running, reading, hiking, and traveling in search of new story ideas.



Mark Boyett