Triple-Duty Bodyguards | Podium Audio

Triple-Duty Bodyguards

By: Lily Gold

Performed by: Will M. Watt

Released: January 02, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 57 min

One celebrity diva in trouble. Three overprotective bodyguards determined to keep her safe.
As one of the world’s most hated celebrities, I’m used to unwanted attention. But when I woke up one morning to find a mysterious man had broken into my house, I knew I needed security, fast. Enter “The Angels,” my three ex-military bodyguards:
Glen, the Scottish sweetheart with a scarred face and gentle hands.
Kenta, the long-haired soldier with the tattooed skin and secretive smile.
And Matt, the blue-eyed, bad-tempered leader haunted by his military past.
Having three gorgeous men guarding me 24-7 sounds like a dream come true, but it turns out to be a nightmare. They’re always here, watching me. Caring for me. Protecting me. They tell me to ignore them and go about my business, but I can’t even think with them so close. The spark is too intense.
On top of that, we don’t get on. They think I’m a demanding diva. I think they’re overdramatic. When a trip to America sends the guys’ protective instincts into overdrive, the sizzling tension between us finally breaks, and I learn my bodyguards’ biggest secret: they want me.
All three of them.
Meanwhile, my stalker’s behavior is becoming more and more alarming. He’s photographing me through windows and following me in the shadows. With the premiere of my next movie coming up, will my three bodyguards be able to keep me safe from his clutches? Or will my terrifying pursuer finally get his deadly way?
Triple-Duty Bodyguards is a full-length military romance featuring multiple love interests, stomach-fluttering suspense, and smoldering romance. No cheating and an ultra-sweet HEA guaranteed!



Lily Gold

Lily Gold is a contemporary romance author living in London, England. She has a soft spot for strong guys with big hearts, and thinks the only thing better than one book boyfriend is TWO book boyfriends... or maybe three 😜When she's not writing, she's usually reading, accidentally killing her potted plants, or finding a pet to cuddle.



Will M. Watt