Troubles of a Demon Prince | Podium Audio

Rest in a Demon’s Embrace

Troubles of a Demon Prince

Book 2

Performed by: Ewan Chung

Released: April 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 33 min

Cloudsoar City is a place for crouching tigers and hidden dragons.
It is a place where all species, be it beasts, humans, demons, or spirits, come to seek out a better life. In this city, one has to fight to gain what they want and oppose or succumb to a faction of the princes that compete for the throne. Intrigues and selfish desires alleviated their strength, but to navigate through these schemes one needs an astute mind and a ruthless personality. Luo Xiao appeared in Cloudsoar City together with Jiang Yao, ready to experience what big city life was like, only to realize that not everything that shines was gold.
Attending the Cloudsoar Royal Academy, Luo Xiao finds himself caught up in the fight for the throne. He finds people who wish to use him for their own benefits, but among these people, he also finds warmth and friendship.
Slowly he understands that if he wishes to be by Jiang Yao’s side, he cannot stay as a silent and naive young man. However, will the change in his personality be for the better or for the worse?



Ewan Chung