True Intent | Podium Audio

By: Michael Stagg

Performed by: George Newbern

Realeased: November 24, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 34 min

When a billionaire dies, an innocent woman is blamed. One lawyer must fight a wealthy family for justice.

It seems straightforward to Attorney Nate Shepherd: a middle-aged billionaire dies while celebrating at a wedding reception. The grief-stricken family lashes out, though, blaming the billionaire’s date for his death. When the family brings all of its power to bear, the wheels of local justice threaten to overwhelm the woman.

As Nate Shepherd steps in to defend her, he tries to deflect the misplaced anger that’s directed at the woman for the tragedy. But as the investigation progresses, a tangled history unravels, including unexpected ties to Nate’s own life. And with each secret that is uncovered, the stakes rise until Nate finds himself fighting for the woman’s freedom in a trial for her life.

Can Nate Shepherd protect an innocent client from a family trying to buy its own brand of justice?

This is the second book in the gripping Nate Shepherd Legal Thriller series. If you like razor-sharp dialogue, iron-willed characters, and slippery moral quandaries, then you’ll love this fierce courtroom drama.



Michael Stagg

Michael Stagg is a practicing lawyer who writes legal thrillers under a pen name. He's tried cases to juries, and he's won and he's lost and he's argued about it in the court of appeals after. Michael and his family live in the Midwest. He enjoys sports of all sorts, reading, and grilling with the order depending on the day. For more information about Michael and his books, sign up for his newsletter at or go to