Unbound | Podium Audio

Captive Series


Book 7

By: Erica Stevens

Performed by: Luci Christian

Released: July 31, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 23 min

When they are attacked on their way back to the palace, Aria realizes she must do whatever is necessary to put an end to the threat looking to destroy all those she loves.
Separated from Braith, she focuses on gathering new troops to fight against the powerful threat growing stronger with every passing day. With William, Daniel, Max, and Xavier by her side, she will learn what it means to be a queen and lead, or die trying.
Braith will sacrifice anything and do whatever is necessary to keep Aria safe. However, there are some things that not even he understands or can stop from happening.
Jack will do everything he can to help secure the future of their world and keep the peace. What he’s not expecting is for a new danger to rise from within their allies; one none of them could have seen coming.
Find out how it all ends in the thrilling conclusion to The Captive series.
Note: This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations. Recommended for ages 16 and up.



Erica Stevens



Luci Christian