Unlawful Temptations | Podium Audio

The Star-Crossed Series

Unlawful Temptations

Book 1

By: Alexandria Lee

Performed by: Kelsey Navarro

Released: September 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 29 min

Breaking the rules is never without consequence. That’s what Dominic Reed was to me—a devastating consequence.
It seemed harmless when we met. He needed a nanny, and I needed a job. Badly. I was the only thing keeping food on the table and lights on in our not-so-happily-ever-after home.
I thought working for Dominic Reed would be easy. I thought very wrong.
It was the exact opposite of easy. In fact, it was impossible when he was my boss, and I was his employee, and fate decided it didn’t care about professionalism or boundaries. It didn’t care that I was ten years younger. It didn’t care that I’d built the entire foundation of my adult life on the fact that love was poison and men were the devil.
And it certainly didn’t care about the wedding band around Dominic’s finger, either.
No matter how off-limits he was to me or how wild and rebellious I was to him, our chemistry was heroin, and it demanded our submission despite how hard we scrambled to stop it.
I needed to stop it because it wasn’t just my heart in jeopardy if I fell in love with Dominic Reed. It was my life.



Alexandria Lee

Alexandria Lee is an Amazon Best Selling Author writing slow burn romances that are always forbidden, definitely spicy, and that will shred your heartstrings to pieces before haphazardly tapping them back together in the end.



Kelsey Navarro

Kelsey Navarro is a SAG-AFTRA, Award Nominated Audiobook Narrator. She went to college for film production and instead of behind the camera, ended up behind the mic.  Being an epic book nerd all her life, this was the perfect marriage of everything she’s passionate about.  Prior to becoming a full time actor, she was a management professional for a decade. This dynamic life experience adds depth and understanding to her narration.