Unsympathetic Victims | Podium Audio

Ashley Montgomery

Unsympathetic Victims

Book 1

By: Laura Snider

Performed by: Coleen Marlo

Released: August 31, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 20 min

When a defense attorney becomes the defendant, one small town is forced to reconsider their ideas of good and evil.

Successful public defender Ashley Montgomery helps acquit yet another client and people in small-town Brine, Iowa are enraged. Following the verdict, a protest breaks out, and the hated defense attorney quickly finds her life in danger.

But little does Ashley know, things are about to get worse—much worse. One of her clients turns up dead, and Ashley is arrested for his murder. As local investigators Katie Mickey and George Thomanson dive into the case, they start to suspect that Ashely is being framed…but by whom?

With Ashley’s freedom at stake, Katie and George are desperate to find out the truth. And soon, they uncover a sinister plot born of corruption, greed, and misplaced loyalty that will leave the whole town reeling and questioning their faith in the people they trusted most.



Laura Snider

Laura Snider is a practicing lawyer in Iowa. She graduated from Drake Law School in 2009 and spent most of her career as a Public Defender. Throughout her legal career, she has been involved in all levels of crimes from petty thefts to murders. These days she is working part-time as a prosecutor and spends the remainder of her time writing stories and creating characters.



Coleen Marlo