Unwrapping Their Christmas Present | Podium Audio

The Why Choose Haremland

Unwrapping Their Christmas Present

By: Ajme Williams

Performed by: Bradley Ford, Stephanie Rose

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 16 min

I need to tear my eyes away from Jake Jacobs—immediately.
One glance at the hot older lawyer, and I knew I was in trouble. Jake unwrapped me like his little Christmas present, even though I was his new employee who he absolutely shouldn’t have claimed…
He wasn’t the only one that broke the rules at his law firm. Jake’s associates, Zachary and Thomas, also made my body tingle in ways that it never had before.
Jake’s fancy dates made me forget that I had my own bills to pay. Zachary distracted me with his gorgeous eyes. And don’t even get me started on Thomas. His sense of humor almost eased my stress about the shitstorm I was in.
Just when I thought I could get myself out of the mess, the media found out about the three men in my bed. But the secret that I’d discovered literally made my world spin… I didn’t know which forbidden boss was the daddy, but I was sure as hell about to bear the consequences of my actions.



Ajme Williams



Bradley Ford



Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose is an Earphones Award winner and Audie and RONE Award nominee. She has voiced over 200 romances including 'Forever My Girl' by Heidi McLaughlin (major motion picture was released in theaters in 2018), the 'American Queen Series' by Sierra Simone which has won multiple blogger awards; and several other books by many USA Today Bestselling Authors. You can follow her romance narrations on Instagram at @stephrosevoice