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Vampire World

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack 2

Books 3-4

By: Jonathan Benecke, P.T. Hylton

Performed by: Therese Plummer

Realeased: March 17, 2020

Language: English

Format: Publisher's Pack, Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 40 min

Will this be Alex’s final night?

The Savage Dawn, book 3:

Danger from the vampires below. Turmoil in the city above. Nowhere is safe and every day is a battle. After being left for dead on the surface, Alex and the GMT are itching to take down the man who sabotaged their mission. Little do they know, an even more pressing threat is waiting just outside their door.

With treachery in the skies and a blood-thirsty army on the surface, Alex and her friends have nowhere to run. That leaves them only one option: fight. The stage is set. The lines have been drawn. The battle for the future of humanity is underway. And Alex is here to remind her enemies that dangerous things don’t only come out at night.

The Savage , book 4:

The battle for control of New Haven is over and the sun still shines on the city. Alex and her team have a new group of allies to help in the battle with the Ferals. The future of humanity is looking bright.

Everything seems right with the world … so why does something feel wrong to Alex and her team? Are their new allies as perfect as they seem? To learn the truth, Alex and the GMT will need to survive a deadly game of cat and mouse with an ancient adversary.

Should the sins of the past be left in the dust or will the uncovered answers lead to a brighter future? Most people would let a dead thing lie, but Alex and the GMT have never been afraid of the monsters of the past.

Contains books 3 & 4 of the Vampire World Saga.



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