Vengeance of a Pirate Lord | Podium Audio

An Elven Pirate Lord

Vengeance of a Pirate Lord

Book 3

By: Marcus Sloss

Performed by: Daniel Wisniewski, Rebecca Woods

Released: September 14, 2021

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Wes’ brazen rise through the Pirate Fleets ranks summons unwanted attention and with it, all sorts of problems.

Monster infested continents, secrets hidden for centuries, and the entire Elven Navy stand in between the newest Pirate Lord and his goals, but he’s not about to let them block his path. With allies old and new at his back, Wes will take the final steps on his journey as he takes his rightful place in the world.

Join Wes in this epic conclusion to his adventure of acquiring a new home for his growing family.



Daniel Wisniewski



Rebecca Woods