Warrior's Wrath | Podium Audio

Pyromancer’s Path

Warrior’s Wrath

Book 1

By: Cassie Cole

Released: March 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 49 min

I’m an unremarkable Pyromancer student; there’s no chance I’m skilled enough at runetracing to graduate—let alone take part in the war against the Silithik.
Yet after a surprise attack on the Fifth Academy, I’m the only Pyromancer left alive. Now I’m thrust directly into a Dragon Quintelaide, an elite fighting unit comprising one member of each battle profession.
Pyromancer. Warrior. Frost Mage. Tinker. Ranger. Shadow.
It takes years of combat experience to be promoted to Dragon, and years of experience I’m severely lacking. And my new Quintmates know it.
These men are as handsome and charming as heroes ripped straight out of a ballad, and they’re skeptical of my ability to help them win this war, especially while coping with their own horrific tragedy.
But Jaxon, the chiseled warrior in gleaming plate mail, is someone I have a flirty history with. I see the knowing glances he sends my way when he thinks I’m not looking…
Can I convince my new Quintmates–and myself–that I belong here, while also discovering the terrible secret they’re hiding?
Or will the Silithik menace kill us first?
_Warrior’s Wrath _is the first book in Pyromancer’s Path, a paranormal reverse harem romance series. It features sword-and-bow action, a unique magic system, and all the slow-burn romance you’d come to expect from a Reverse Harem. HEA guaranteed!



Cassie Cole