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The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron

Wasp Squadron: Publisher’s Pack 2

Books 3-4

By: Jonathan P Brazee

Performed by: Angela Dawe

Released: October 27, 2020

Language: English

Format: Publisher's Pack, Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 53 min

Wasp Squadron: Publisher’s Pack 2 contains Ace (book 3) and Fortitude (book 4) of The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron series.

Ace : book 3

Alien Crystals don’t recognize human boundaries; the Navy of Humankind has to hold them back. Small fighters in the vastness of space…the Joint Task Force Iron Shield stands ready. Too small to defend everywhere, they need intel so they can go on the attack and maximize their firepower…and their impact.

The Crystals do not know fear; they are coming for what they want. Wasp pilots are flying because they have to. Only they stand between the Crystals and humanity. Only the Iron Shield can stop the invasion. Be ready. They are coming.

Fortitude : book 4

The aliens arrived and they weren’t looking to make friends. Can Beth fight back the invasion? She has spent her career building a reputation. No one wants to mess with Beth when she’s behind the stick of her fighter, but this time, she’s not flying it. Can the Navy’s biggest badass ace get the job done without her tech?

Now, three years into the struggle, the aliens have made a statement. Blowing up a world has gotten everyone’s attention. The public is terrified, and the Directorate fears the worst. The galaxy needs hero, even if it comes in a small package.



Jonathan P Brazee



Angela Dawe

Angela Dawe is an actor and writer based in the Midwest. Her award-winning narration has helped to bring hundreds of titles to listeners, in genres including self-help, memoir, literary fiction, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and more. AudioFile Magazine has described her narration as "audio at its best" and "nothing short of flawless," and the Washington Post recently included her work in its critic's list of recommended listens. She's also a pretty nice lady and a darn good cook.



Wasp Squadron: Publisher's Pack

The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron, Books 1-2