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The Cycle of Galand

What Lies Beyond

Book 6

By: Edward W. Robertson

Performed by: Tim Gerard Reynolds

Realeased: March 31, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 23 hr, 14 min

The White Lich has conquered Mallon and smashed all resistance to him. Now, he marches on the north. Within weeks, Narashtovik will fall to his armies. Gask will follow.

And after that, there can be no stopping him.

Dante and Blays have a single hope of victory: the Spear of Stars, the long-lost weapon that may be capable of killing the lich. There’s just one problem. Though they’ve learned the spear is real, they’ve also learned the nine parts of the weapon are guarded by the gods themselves. And they have no intention of handing over their prize.

Alone in a strange realm, with no friends or allies, and a growing list of enemies, Dante and Blays’ task looks doomed.

Yet they’re the last line standing between the lich and the destruction of their whole world.



Tim Gerard Reynolds

Tim Gerard Reynolds is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His acting work has taken him to England, France, regionally in the US and both On and Off Broadway. In his early 30's Tim pivoted to study fine art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC but stumbled serendipitously into the world of audiobooks somewhere along the way. Since 2008 he has received numerous awards and much critical praise for his narration. Tim is a proud member of SAG?AFTRA.



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