When Eagles Dare | Podium Audio

Four Horsemen Tales

When Eagles Dare

Book 5

By: Doug Dandridge

Performed by: James Patrick Cronin

Released: April 09, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 50 min

The mission Jonah White Eagle and his Fierce Eagle Company had taken was nearly impossible.
Land on the middle of a 7.5-mile-high plateau, walk six miles to the edge of the cliff, and scale down the 39,000-foot-high cliffs to the foothills of the canyon below. Nothing to it, right? But then there was the swamp they had to cross, full of large indigenous life forms that thought Humans made good snacks. And the rivers, full of other killers, they would have to negotiate.
And then there were the Xlatan, a race of six-legged killers guarding the target. A relatively new mercenary race, although one more established than the Humans, the Xlatan were supposed to be tough. Maybe not – quite – as tough as the Besquith, but close enough to give a number of other merc races the chills when they went up against them. 
The Fierce Eagle Company only needed to traverse the planet, stay alive, and then surveil the operation the Xlatan were guarding to gather intelligence for the CASPer-equipped merc company that was enroute to destroy the operation. 
The mission would have been nearly impossible, all on its own. There’s just one more thing, though, that they don’t know. They’ve been set up, and the heavy forces aren’t coming. 
Still, anything is possible…When Eagles Dare.



Doug Dandridge



James Patrick Cronin