When Stars Burn Out | Podium Audio

When Stars Burn Out

By: Carrie Aarons

Performed by: C.J. Mission, Stefanie Kay

Released: May 16, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 46 min

Stars die in one of two ways: so slowly that each layer burning out feels like agony or suddenly exploding into a million pieces before the universe even has a grasp of what is happening.
When Paxton Shaw left Demi Rosen without so much as a goodbye, he stole her shine in both manners.
Now, eight years later, he’s trying to pull her back into his orbit. The nation’s most beloved football player, a tight end with a seriously tight end, has finally realized Demi is the one who got away.
But she’s a different woman than the weak girl who used to come running whenever he called in the middle of the night. She is strong and successful. Her life’s mission is to grant the wishes of children whose flames have all but been extinguished. And she’s untouchable, as dark and cold as a midnight sky with no moon in sight.
When one special child forces their star-crossed paths to collide, it’s impossible for Paxton and Demi to keep the feelings of their past buried. Paxton had been her Halley’s Comet: the once-in-a-lifetime love that scorched Demi’s heart in the most spectacular fashion.
She promised herself she would never make that mistake again. But how can she forget the dreams of love she once had when Paxton wants to make them come true?



Carrie Aarons

Author of romance novels such as Love at First Fight and the Nash Brothers series, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the love stories of her imagination, and the athleisure dress code, much better. When she isn't writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, jamming out on her Peloton, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, two children and ninety-pound rescue pup.



C.J. Mission

CJ Mission is a wanderer at heart. With an insatiable appetite for the delectable, he loves traveling in search of satisfaction. As at home in the boardroom as on the boardwalk, CJ feels constantly torn between worlds; he currently lives in New York City (where he received his MFA in Acting), but left his heart in San Francisco (where he first discovered his worldliness). That said, straddling worlds is uniquely thrilling. CJ began narrating audiobooks in 2016 and while he mostly narrates on the side to support his other passions, he does so passionately and with a deep desire to leave you satisfied. Regardless of how long it’s been or whether it’s your first time, CJ is always ready and waiting to take you on an audio adventure. At your pleasure.



Stefanie Kay

Stefanie, a 2022 Audie Finalist in the Romance category, has always been a performer from a very young age. She started off in school plays and community theatre, growing into college theatre courses, vocal courses/lessons, plays/musicals, and was even part of an improv group. Her performance journey led her to audiobooks in 2018 and she was hooked! After deciding to take the leap into narration, she began working with many incredible coaches and taking any class that could give her valuable knowledge in this field. It is such an honor every time an author entrusts her with their stories and she makes sure that each one is told with truth, emotion, and warmth. She loves stories that make you laugh, make you cry, make you FEEL something. She would be thrilled to bring your next story to life!