When We Met | Podium Audio

When We Met

By: Shey Stahl

Performed by: Charlotte North, Troy Duran

Released: November 23, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 1 min

When Kacy Conner crashed her car into the side of my repair shop, I should have ignored it.
Given the damage to the building and her car, I couldn’t. But I didn’t have to offer her a place to stay. None of it had to do with her being stranded in our small town or those beautiful blue eyes. And it certainly did not have to do with her contagious laughter or the fact that she’s crazy sexy and feisty. I’m lying. It has everything to do with her.
Now, I have to think of a reason to make her stay beyond the two weeks it takes to fix her car, and I’m enlisting the help of my two adorable daughters. I know, you should never use your kids to get laid, but whoever said that hadn’t gone five years without any…or they’re lying to you.
Don’t go calling protective services on me. Everything I’m having them do is completely harmless. I mean, it’s totally okay to bribe your kids with cookies to slash her tires so she can’t leave. And it’s fine to have them steal the battery out of her car. Okay, I helped with that one (Hello, they can’t carry a car battery!). They can’t even clean their room, or so they tell me.
Also, just so we’re clear on how far you can take it, it’s no big deal to have your three-year-old fake an injury to get alone time with her. I’m sure all single dads do that. 
A little white lie never hurt anyone. Until her lie finds her and I begin to question everything she’s told me about the night we met.



Shey Stahl

Shey Stahl is a USA Today and Amazon best-selling author. Rom-coms and sports romances with a unique writing style are her lady jam. Her books have been translated into several languages, and if you haven't laughed, cried, and cursed in the same book, you're reading the wrong author. Shey lives in Washington State with her adrenaline-addicted husband, a moody preteen daughter, and their asshole cat. In her spare time, she enjoys pretending to be Joanna Gains while remodeling her house, iced coffee (only the good nugget ice), hiking in the mountains of the PNW, and hanging out at the local dirt tracks.



Charlotte North



Troy Duran

Troy was made for loving you, baby. But his wife frowns on that, so he sticks to audiobooks, of which he’s recorded over 360 to date. You may have gathered by now that Troy is writing his own bio in third person. Why? Ego, maybe. Compensating, I don’t know. It IS a bit annoying if we’re being honest, but what are you gonna do? Anywhoo… If somebody were to narrate MY life’s story, I’d like it to be the guy from Forensics Files but with what I leave behind we’d have to settle for the guy who played the bait shop cashier in Ozark, and that’s cool too. Also, I like whiskey.