Wicked King | Podium Audio

Captive Series

Wicked King

Book 4

By: Julia Sykes

Released: October 20, 2020

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 54 min

Carmen Ronaldo is my enemy and my obsession. I’ll conquer her and make her mine.
For years, Carmen has hated me. I seduced her to learn her family’s secrets, and then I used those secrets to fracture the Ronaldo cartel, taking half of their territory for myself. I made myself a king, but I’ve never been fully satisfied in my victory. 
I’ve never experienced regret. The emotions that rule weaker men don’t affect me. Until her. I’ve waited far too long to claim Carmen for myself. My feisty little kitten might hate me for taking her as my captive, but she’ll surrender herself to me. I’ll protect her from all her enemies.
Except myself.
My cage will be her refuge, my rules her fortress. Carmen is no longer my enemy. She’s just mine.



Julia Sykes