Witch World High Hallack Cycle: Volume 1 | Podium Audio

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle

Witch World High Hallack Cycle: Volume 1

Book 2

By: Andre Norton

Performed by: Adjoa Andoh, John Lee

Released: June 15, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 12 hr, 47 min

Set on a planet in a parallel universe where magic is a reality, these high fantasy novels from the Witch World series transport you to the western continent of High Hallack, illustrating why prolific author Andre Norton was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. 
The Jargoon Pard: When a strange traveler gifts young heir to the throne Kethan a belt of leopard skin embossed with a stone—a jargoon—carved in the shape of a predatory snow cat, he becomes possessed with its magical powers. 
Zarsthor’s Bane: A once highborn lady and her loyal feline join forces with a demented lord and his devoted squire to find the powerful and magical Zarsthor’s Bane—an object as wreathed in mystery and ancient lore as it is cloaked in peril.



Andre Norton

She calls herself an old-fashioned storyteller and, indeed, whether it's fantasy, science fiction, adventure, romance or any other genre of popular literature, she manages to capture the audience's attention in the gracious style of the long-gone bardic masters. This quality, acknowledged by both the readers and critics has given her the title of the Grande Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy.



Adjoa Andoh



John Lee