Wrath of The Reapers | Podium Audio

Lovesick Villains

Wrath of The Reapers

Book 3

By: Jessa Halliwell

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 04 hr, 40 min

When you accidentally set your whole world on fire, sometimes it’s easier to just let it burn.
The Reapers were always supposed to be the villains in my story. They were the four ruthless brothers who ruled our city with an obscene amount of cash and more blood on their hands than the most vicious killers.
When I first showed up on their doorstep, I was a toy. A shiny new object for the big bad wolves in designer suits to play with. They could use and abuse me as much as they wanted, and I knew no one would step in to stop them.
I was nothing to them. That is, until I became everything.
Atlas, Ezra, Tristan, and Cyrus fell for me. Hard. Against my better judgment, I fell for them too. What we had didn’t make sense, but in a lot of ways, it didn’t need to. We had each other, and that’s all that really mattered. With a high like that, we should’ve known we’d come crashing down sooner or later.
With a flick of a match, everything we built together went up in flames. I tried so hard to salvage what I could from the ashes, but with more questions than answers from the men I thought I knew, I didn’t know who to turn to, let alone who to trust.
I fucked up, and the worst part is I have no one to blame but myself for what happened. I burned every single bridge I ever built, and now, not even the most dangerous men in this city can save me.
Every villain has an origin story. This is_ mine._
_Wrath of The Reapers _is the third and final book in Lovesick Villains, a dark mafia romance series where our heroine will end up with multiple love interests. Intended for mature listeners.



Jessa Halliwell

Jessa Halliwell is a romance author who writes about dark, angsty love that's a little tragic, but utterly consuming. She loves writing romance only slightly more than she loves reading it, though the way she reads books is total chaos. She'll either binge read a book in one sitting or stop reading mid-page for no justifiable reason.  Jessa lives in Northern California and spends most of her time-off hanging out with her boyfriend and taking her senior, yet still super feisty Chihuahua, Juice, on walks.  When she isn't pouring her heart out into her writing, you can find her obsessing over her skincare routine, drinking an unhealthy amount of Milk Tea, and probably trying to convince her boyfriend that a "Why Choose" could totally work for them.