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Forbidden Doctors

Written in the Charts

Book 2

By: Sofia T Summers

Released: May 14, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 57 min

Evan could have been the one.
Head over heels, I was ready to bet it all on him, on us. But he shipped off overseas without ever hearing my truth.
Years later, he comes to me, hurting in more ways than one. He shouldn’t be anything more than a patient at the practice. This military man isn’t the boy I once adored. But medical charts don’t explain away the temptation.
We’re taking a second chance, risking my residency for a few rendezvous. We’re charting the stars that led us here, trying to find where it all went wrong.
Thanks to the stories left untold, our crossed paths lead to crossed wires for a second time. But I won’t risk my love again without a reward. He won’t slip away from me so easily.
Evan will have to know about my once-broken heart, my pregnancy, everything.
Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as these completely off-limits, forbidden doctors take you on an unexpected romantic ride. Loads of drama, action, heart, and heat. And the Sofia promise of the most satisfying HEA ever.



Sofia T Summers

Sofia T Summers is a contemporary romance author who spends her days working as a beauty retail store manager, and nights dreaming and writing smut. Emotions? Humor? Heartbreaks? Second Chances? Happily Ever Afters? Welcome to Sofia's world of spine tingling, toe curling, angsty romance.