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You’re Mine: Chosen by a Miami King

By: Miss Jenesequa

Released: March 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 17 min

Growing up with parents that expect nothing but the best from her meant that life hasn’t always been the easiest for Ava Murphy. Fortunately, she’s learned to cope with the cards she’s been dealt.
The intelligent beauty is now at a crossroads, torn between pursuing her passion or pursuing the life that has been carved out for her. As a way to distract herself from thinking about her impending future, Ava keeps herself busy with her temporary job at one of Miami’s finest bars. However, a new, sexy distraction is about to walk through the door, keeping her much busier than her job ever could.
Ezra Jones is an undeniably successful man and not one to play with. He’s always been about his paper and setting up a strong foundation for his family. He hasn’t had the chance to start his own family yet because becoming successful came with sacrifices. Having the time to find true love was one of them. He’s slowly accepted that love just isn’t for a powerful man like him. But when Ezra is graced with the presence of Ava Murphy, a fire burns within him that he just can’t seem to put out. He’s a man that knows exactly what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it. And Ava Murphy? Well that’s exactly who he wants.
Ava is attracted to Mr. Jones without a doubt but can she really risk it all with a handsome stranger when she has her own commitments waiting for her? Unbeknownst to Ezra and Ava, they are connected in ways they never imagined and when reality sinks in, Ava soon learns the real meaning of Ezra Jones not being one to play with.



Miss Jenesequa

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