Sir Nil
About the Author
Sir Nil is an Australian author who got really bored one afternoon in high school and decided to vomit out a piece of brain-melting word soup he called a “story,” dragging the poor netizens of a certain webnovel site through a truly horrific experience. He didn’t even compose it on a typewriter, but on a smartphone—the absolute gall! Some say he’s gotten better as a writer since then, having started multiple highly rated webnovels, one of which you may be reading as a published series, but he personally denies such allegations. Sir Nil studies biotechnology, though is not particularly good at it, and his personal writing motto is: “The secret to being original is copying so many people that your detractors give up pointing it out,” which he encourages everyone to shamelessly steal without crediting him. If ever you may face Sir Nil in battle or debate, simply bring up his first webnovel and he will shrivel up like an embarrassed prune, guaranteeing your victory through tried-and-true ad hominem attacks.
Books From The Author
They Met in a Tavern
Prologue to Adventure
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