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B.V. Larson

Hard SciFi, Military, SciFi, Space Opera, Contemporary

B. V. Larson is the author of more than fifty books with over three million copies sold. As a USA Today bestselling writer, his fiction regularly tops the charts. He writes in several genres, but most of his work is Science Fiction. Most of his titles have been professionally produced as audiobooks and print as well as ebook form. Most of them have been translated into other languages to be distributed by major publishers in foreign countries. He writes college textbooks in addition to fiction, and his three-book series on computer science is currently in its sixth edition.

Today, he lives in central California with his wife and three children. He enjoys writing seven days a week, only taking vacations between writing projects. His vacation habits usually consist of flights to Las Vegas, SF Conventions, and summer family trips to various lakes and beaches with a motor home and boat.


TITLES FROM the Author

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