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Bianca Xaviera

Black & African American, Romance

Bianca Jones, also known as “Bianca Xaviera” started her exploration within the literary world as a child, hailing from Lake Village, Arkansas. Her passion for reading grew and once she developed a love for reading other genres, she always had a book in her hand. At fourteen years old, she developed a newfound love for Urban Fiction which transcended until today. As she continued her journey through life and enjoyed different genres that exemplified Black love, she continued her studies at the University of Central Arkansas and graduated with a bachelor’s in health sciences. In January 2017, Bianca published her first novel, Love Comes with a Price. Within the first year of publishing, Bianca’s writing career progressed with numerous accolades as she was voted Urban Books Authors and Writers of America’s (UBAWA) Top 100 Authors of 2017. By 2018, Bianca released over 15 novels, with most of the novels making Amazon’s Best Sellers list. In 2019, Bianca won an Indie Love Literary Award for Best African-American Urban Romance novel, Jholee and Kiandre: A Gangsta and His Good Girl. Penning over fifty novels, Bianca Xaviera continues to intertwine her love of urban and romance to further the beautiful stories of Black love.


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