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Christopher G. Nuttall

Sci-fi, Space Opera, Epic, Fantasy, YA, Paranormal, Sword & Sorcery, Contemporary, Military

TITLES FROM the Author

The Prince’s Alliance

The Empire’s Corps, Book 21

Her Majesty’s Warlord

Stuck in Magic, Book 2

Stuck in Magic

Stuck in Magic, Book 1

The Family Secret

The Zero Enigma, Book 11


Schooled in Magic, Book 20

The Zero Blessing

The Zero Enigma, Book 1

The Zero Curse

The Zero Enigma, Book 2

The Zero Equation

The Zero Enigma, Book 3

The Thin Blue Line

The Empire’s Corps, Book 9

The Sergeant’s Apprentice

Schooled in Magic, Book 11

The School of Hard Knocks

Schooled in Magic, Book 5

The Right Side of History

Schooled in Magic, Book 22

The Princess in the Tower

Schooled in Magic, Book 15

The Prince’s Gambit

The Empire’s Corps, Book 20

The Prince’s War

The Empire’s Corps, Book 19