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Craig Robertson

Sci-fi, Time Travel, Space Opera, Contemporary, Military

I'm really good at making stuff up. That's what makes me such a good Sci-Fi writer. Well that and my outstanding good looks. Anyway, I've done a lot in my life. Shoe salesman, trauma center ER doctor, immunologic researcher, and now a novelist. Oh, and husband, father and grandfather. Those are the best jobs I've had. I bring all those experiences to my writing. And you know what? It's all good!


TITLES FROM the Author

Into the Nexus

Time Diving, Book 4

Ryan in UnWonderland

The Whales of Time, Book 1

Heaven Says Wait

Time Diving, Book 3

Ryan’s Resolution

The Timeless Void, Book 6

Purgatory’s Best Shot

Time Diving, Book 2

Ryan’s Reboot

The Timeless Void, Book 5

Letters from Hell

Time Diving, Book 1

Ryan’s Undoing

The Timeless Void, Book 4

The Galaxy According to Gideon: Publisher’s Pack

Road Trips in Space, Book 2

The Forever: Part III

The Forever Series, Book 6

The Forever

The Forever Series, Book 2

The Forever: Part II

The Forever Series, Book 4

Ryan’s Enigma

The Timeless Void, Book 3

Ryan’s Gambit

The Timeless Void, Book 1

Ryan’s Phantoms

The Timeless Void, Book 2

Rise of the Ancient Gods: Publisher’s Pack 3

Rise of the Ancient Gods, Book 6