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D.M. Guay

Contemporary, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Sci-fi

D.M. Guay is the author of the 24/7 Demon Mart series. By day, she is an award-winning journalist, a hobby urban farmer (you can’t beat her beets!), and a retired roller derby player. Her favorite things—besides books—are tiki bars, liquid eyeliner, B-grade horror movies, and people who make art despite adversity. She lives in Ohio, where she is lucky enough to spend time with lots of other nerds.


TITLES FROM the Author

Revenge of the Furballs

24/7 Demon Mart, Book 5

Angel Trouble

24/7 Demon Mart, Book 3


24/7 Demon Mart, Book 4

24/7 Demon Mart: Publisher’s Pack

24/7 Demon Mart, Book 0.1