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Daniel Pierce

Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Harem, Paranormal, Sword & Sorcery, Sci-fi, Time Travel, Military, Post-apocalyptic, Contemporary, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit

TITLES FROM the Author

Succubus Hunter

Succubus Hunter, Book 1

Succubus Hunter 2

Succubus Hunter, Book 2

King’s Gate

King’s Gate, Book 1

Gears of Troy

Gears of Troy, Book 1

Gears of Troy 2

Gears of Troy, Book 2

Gears of Troy Book 3

Gears of Troy, Book 3

Future Rebuilt

Future Reborn Series, Book 2

Future Reshaped

Future Reborn Series, Book 3

Future Retold

Future Reborn Series, Book 4

Future Reborn

Future Reborn Series, Book 1

Forever Young

Forever Young, Book 1

Forever Young 2

Forever Young, Book 2

Forever Young 3

Forever Young, Book 3

Demon Master

Demon Master, Book 1

Circuit World

Circuit World, Book 1


Bloodlands, Book 1