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Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Fantasy, Harem, Paranormal, Progression, Dark Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Epic, Boinking Beasties, Dragon, Cyberpunk, SciFi, Superhero, Ensemble Cast Harems, Ladies from Another Land, Magical Academy for Grown Ups, Sword & Sorcery, LitRPG/Gamelit, Dungeons & Dragons, Start It Free on Audible Plus

TITLES FROM the Author

Dragon Breeder 6

Dragon Breeder, Book 6

Aether Mage 2

Aether Mage, Book 2

The Shifter’s Hoard 2

Dragon Born, Book 2

Creation Mage 8

War Mage Academy, Book 8

Aether Mage

Aether Mage, Book 1

The Shifter’s Hoard

Creation Mage 7

War Mage Academy, Book 7

Dragon Breeder 5

Dragon Breeder, Book 5

Divine Arsenal 2: Dual Weapon Cultivation

Divine Arsenal, Book 2

Lucifer Reborn 3

Lucifer Reborn, Book 3

Creation Mage 6

War Mage Academy, Book 6

Empire Builder 2: Breed, Populate, Conquer

Empire Builder, Book 2

Dragon Breeder 4

Dragon Breeder, Book 4

Monster Mansion 2

Monster Mansion, Book 2

Divine Arsenal: Dual Weapon Cultivation

Divine Arsenal, Book 1

Lucifer Reborn 2

Lucifer Reborn, Book 2

Empire Builder: Breed, Populate, Conquer

Empire Builder, Book 1

Monster Mansion

Monster Mansion, Book 1

Lucifer Reborn

Lucifer Reborn, Book 1

Creation Mage 5

War Mage Academy, Book 5

Dragon Breeder 3

Dragon Breeder, Book 3

Creation Mage 4

War Mage Academy, Book 4

Brink City

Brink City, Book 1

Creation Mage 3

War Mage Academy, Book 3

Dragon Breeder 2

Dragon Breeder, Book 2

Dragon Breeder

Dragon Breeder, Book 1

Creation Mage 2

War Mage Academy, Book 2

Creation Mage

War Mage Academy, Book 1

Monster Core 2

Monster Core, Book 2

Monster Core

Monster Core, Book 1