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Dave Schroeder

Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, YA

Dave Schroeder (SHRAY-der) is the author of the Congruent Mage fantasy series and the Xenotech Support science fiction humor series. He is a retired IT executive from metro-Atlanta who enjoys performing with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, where he is a writer, voice actor, and Foley sound effects artist. Dave also runs a small publishing house called Spiral Arm Press that primarily handles his own work. He lives in the suburbs with his wife and adult daughter. Toner and Moosh, the two cats in the household, graciously allow him time to write when he's not busy feeding them.


TITLES FROM the Author

The Congruent Mage

The Congruent Mage, Book 6

The Congruent Wizard

The Congruent Mage, Book 2

The Congruent Apprentice

The Congruent Mage, Book 1

The Congruent Dragon

The Congruent Mage, Book 3

The Congruent Emperor

The Congruent Mage, Book 4

The Congruent King

The Congruent Mage, Book 5