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Derek Palmer

Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Derek Palmer is a pseudonym of a writer who has been writing for years - all kind of technical documentation nobody really wants to read and with jargon most of the people do not even try to understand. Doing that kind of work left him a huge surplus of words that could not be used at work. Those words first accumulated and then started to overflow after filling the author's head. When the author was no more able to store those words, he needed to start writing them out; first anonymously to some shady network places, being very careful because of the power of those uncontrollable words. Later on, with some help from other writers he has learned to control some of his idioms, phrases and expressions and as a result there will some books coming out this way.


TITLES FROM the Author

The Scholars

The Hidden Heritage, Book 2

The Merchants

The Hidden Heritage, Book 3

The Guardians

The Hidden Heritage, Book 1