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Devon C. Ford

Contemporary, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Space Opera, Military, Mystery & Thriller, Technothriller

Devon spent a career in public services undertaking many roles until he resigned his position as a police officer and took up writing and editing full time in 2016. After It Happened throws a different spin on the collapse of society being set in the UK. He can usually be found multitasking as he juggles multiple projects and children, and is rumoured to have written two books with a toddler sitting on his head.


TITLES FROM the Author


Wasteland, Book 3

The Expansion

The Expansion Series, Book 2

The Expansion: Publisher’s Pack 2

The Expansion Series, Book 4


Wasteland, Book 1

Andorra: The Leah Chronicles

After It Happened, Book 7

After the Noise

Lights Out, Book 2

After the Sickness

Lights Out, Book 3

After the Silence

Lights Out, Book 1

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack 2

After It Happened, Book 4

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack 3

After It Happened, Book 6

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack

After It Happened, Book 2


Wasteland, Book 2