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Glynn James

Contemporary, Post Apocalyptic, SciFi, Military

GLYNN JAMES is an author of science fiction, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy, horror, and dystopian fiction. His love of reading began when he was eight years old after discovering HP Lovecraft and Richard Matheson, and then later on James Herbert, Clive Barker, and Stephen King. He is the co-author of "ARISEN" and "DUSTFALL" and author of "DIARY OF THE DISPLACED" and "THROWN AWAY".


TITLES FROM the Author

What Lies Beneath

Dustfall, Book 5

Three Parts Dead

ARISEN, Book 3

The Parting of Ways

Dustfall, Book 2

The Baying of Wolves

Dustfall, Book 3

Sons of the Lost

Dustfall, Book 4

Shadows of a Lost Age

Dustfall, Book 1

Mogadishu of the Dead

ARISEN, Book 2

Maximum Violence

ARISEN, Book 4


ARISEN, Book 6

Fortress Britain

ARISEN, Book 1


ARISEN, Book 5

Empire of the Dead

ARISEN, Book 8

Death of Empires

ARISEN, Book 7

ARISEN Omnibus Edition

ARISEN, Books 1-3