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J.D. Evans

Fantasy, Romance

J. D. Evans writes fantasy and science fiction romance. After earning her degree in linguistics, J. D. served a decade as an army officer. She once spent her hours putting together briefings for helicopter pilots and generals. Now she writes stories, tends to two unreasonable tiny humans, knits, sews badly, gardens, and cultivates Pinterest Fails. After a stint in Beirut, J. D. fell in love with the Levant, which inspired the setting for her debut series, Mages of the Wheel. Originally hailing from Montana, J. D. now resides in North Carolina with her husband, two attempts at mini-clones gone rogue, and too many stories in her head.


TITLES FROM the Author

Wind & Wildfire

Mages of the Wheel, Book 0.5

Siren & Scion

Mages of the Wheel, Book 3

Storm & Shield

Mages of the Wheel, Book 2

Reign & Ruin

Mages of the Wheel, Book 1