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John Connelly

Contemporary, SciFi, Space Opera

John Connelly - Builds spaceships. He is a Mechanical Engineer for Lockheed Martin Space, who contributes to numerous NASA missions, including Mars 2020, LUCY, Deep Space Gateway, and Orion. But space, and the unknown, don’t occupy his entire being. Following his dreams to work in the aerospace industry, John moved to Denver, Colorado. It was there where John met Tony, his amazing wine slinging partner, who is a Chef and Sommelier. John’s expansive mind and energetic curiosity lead him to enjoy a myriad of creative outlets, among them; boulder scrambling, disc golf, searching for the perfect wave to body surf, gardening peppers too hot to eat, and gloving. Between delving into these fine activities he honors his Irish heritage and cardio needs by participating in Ireland's true traditional sport, hurling (look it up). But beyond all of this, he is an artist, an acrylic painter, whose strokes transcribe exotic dreamscapes to canvas, and bring a vibrant, lush palette to illuminate new worlds. Throughout all of these diverse facets of life, his affinity for words never wavered. His and Matt’s world building and galactic lore span a lifetime of curiosity, transcribed and translated from existential questions to tangible adventure.


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Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance

Beyond Kuiper

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