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Ken Lozito

Sci-fi, Epic, Fantasy, Superhero, Contemporary, Space Opera

Ken Lozito is the best-selling author of multiple science fiction series, including First Colony, Ascension, & Federation Chronicles. He writes about first contact, colonization, exploration, heroic tales, redemption stories, and old-fashion adventure stories with rich and interesting characters. He’s had over a million books sold and loves the fact he’s been able to reach so many amazing readers with his stories. Readers have lost precious hours of sleep while they read just one more page. Ken worked in IT Security for almost twenty years before becoming a full-time author. When not writing, he enjoys hiking, reading, playing with the dog, and binge-watching shows. You can find out more about Ken and upcoming books on his website at


TITLES FROM the Author

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Space Raiders, Book 3

Forgotten Empire

Space Raiders, Book 2

Space Raiders

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The Safanarion Order Omnibus

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Star Alliance

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Star Divide

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Rising Force

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Road to Shandara

Safanarion Order, Book 1

Infinity’s Edge

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Heir of Shandara

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Echoes of a Gloried Past

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Ascension Series: Volume I

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Ascension Series, Book 6