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KT Adler

Contemporary, Dark, Romance

Hi, I'm KT, it's nice to meet you. I hail from the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago. One day I fell in love with a cute American and I moved from Trinidad to the USA. I'm an entrepreneur, social media addict, romance novel connoisseur, and anime fangirl. What's my superpower? I'm dyslexic. It simply means that my brain is wired differently. I see the world differently, and that makes my perspective of storytelling interesting. When I'm not writing I spend most of my time with my hubby or my book besties. I love meeting new readers. There is something awesome about chatting with people who have read your book and they want to talk about it.  Please if we ever meet don't hesitate to say "HI"   Until next time XOXO KT


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