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Lindsay Buroker

Contemporary, SciFi, Space Opera, Hard SciFi, Dragon, Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, YA, Romance, SciFi & Fantasy

TITLES FROM the Author

Home Front

Star Kingdom, Book 7

Smuggler Ship: A Sky Full of Stars Prequel Novella

Sky Full of Stars, Book 0.5

Planet Killer

Star Kingdom, Book 6


Heritage of Power, Book 4

Under the Ice Blades

Dragon Blood, Book 5.5

The Rogue Prince

Sky Full of Stars, Book 1

The Blade’s Memory

Dragon Blood, Book 5

Stolen Legacy

Sky Full of Stars, Book 3


Fallen Empire, Book 3

Star Kingdom Omnibus

Star Kingdom, Books 1-3

Star Nomad

Fallen Empire, Book 1

Star Kingdom Omnibus II

Star Kingdom, Books 4-5


Dragon Blood, Book 7

Shattered Past

Dragon Blood, Book 7.5

Robots and Roommates

Star Kingdom


Heritage of Power, Book 2

Relic of Sorrows

Fallen Empire, Book 4


Dragon Blood, Book 6

Perilous Hunt

Fallen Empire, Book 7

Patterns in the Dark

Dragon Blood, Book 4


Heritage of Power, Book 3


Dragon Blood, Book 8

Honor’s Flight

Fallen Empire, Book 2

Gold Dragon

Heritage of Power, Book 5

Forgotten Ages: The Complete Saga

Forgotten Ages, Books 1-3

End Game

Fallen Empire, Book 8

Dragon Storm

Heritage of Power, Book 1

Dragon Blood – Omnibus

Dragon Blood, Books 1-3

Cleon Moon

Fallen Empire, Book 5

Arkadian Skies

Fallen Empire, Book 6

Angle of Truth

Sky Full of Stars, Book 2

A Fallen Empire Omnibus

Fallen Empire, Books 1-3