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M.R. Forbes

SciFi, Space Opera, Military, Post Apocalyptic, Contemporary

TITLES FROM the Author


Forgotten Vengeance, Book 3


Forgotten Vengeance, Book 2

The Forgotten: The Complete Trilogy

The Forgotten, Books 1-3

Weapons of War

Rebellion, Book 2


The Forgotten, Book 3

Tides of War

Rebellion, Book 3

The Knife’s Edge

War Eternal, Book 3

The End of Liberty

War Eternal, Book 2

The Edge of Infinity

War Eternal, Book 7

Starship Eternal

War Eternal, Book 1

Point of Origin

War Eternal, Book 4

No Way Back

Forgotten Fallout, Book 3

No Good Deed

Forgotten Fallout, Book 2

No Planet for Good Men

Forgotten Fallout, Book 1

Man of War

Rebellion, Book 1

Justice of the Covenant Omnibus

Justice of the Covenant, Books 1-3


The Forgotten, Book 1

Forsaken (The Forgotten Book 2)

The Forgotten, Book 2

Forever Until Tomorrow

War Eternal, Book 5

Eternal Return

War Eternal, Book 6

Earth Unknown

Forgotten Earth, Book 1

Earth Unrelenting

Forgotten Earth, Book 2

Earth Unending

Forgotten Earth, Book 3

Earth Undefeated

Forgotten Earth, Book 4


Forgotten Colony, Book 4


Forgotten Colony, Book 3


Forgotten Colony, Book 1


Forgotten Colony, Book 5


Forgotten Colony, Book 2