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Gamelit, LitRPG & Gamelit, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi

Macronomicon was struck by lightning* the moment he was born, granting him superhuman abilities** that allow him to tell stories unlike anything people have ever heard before while simultaneously poking fun at the underlying tropes. He grew up on a steady diet of sci-fi fantasy blends, and took to the LitRPG genre like a fish to numerically enhanced magical water. He lives in Alaska, where his internet has to walk fifteen miles through the snow each day to get to a router, and he finds the occasional moment to write between constantly charging at bears. Now he writes off-beat (mostly) intelligent, free-thinking protagonists who use their minds to overcome their struggles wherever possible. He has a visceral disdain for the punch-wizard.


TITLES FROM the Author

Apocalypse: Dungeon System

The Stitched Worlds, Book 3

Apocalypse: Fairy System

The Stitched Worlds, Book 2

Apocalypse: Generic System

The Stitched Worlds, Book 1

Apocalypse: Quest System

The Stitched Worlds, Book 4