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Marc Alan Edelheit

Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Epic, Military, Sci-fi

Marc is an avid reader and accomplished author who spends his time dreaming and writing about all things fantasy and sci-fi. In 2015 he decided to make his dream a reality and published his first fantasy novel... the rest is history! He is the ultimate history fan and incorporates much of that passion into his work to bring greater realism to his books. Find out why thousands of readers have fallen for Amazon bestselling author Marc Alan Edelheit’s captivating series!


TITLES FROM the Author

Fortress of Radiance

The Karus Saga, Book 2

The First Compact

The Karus Saga, Book 3

Rapax Pax

The Karus Saga, Book 4

Lost Legio IX

The Karus Saga, Book 1

The Tiger’s Rage

The Stiger Chronicles, Book 8

Lutha Nyx

A Ranger’s Tale, Book 3

The Tiger’s Fight

The Stiger Chronicles, Book 7

Stiger, Tales of the Seventh

Tales of the Seventh, Book 1

Fort Covenant, Tales of the Seventh

Tales of the Seventh, Book 2