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Mark Wayne McGinnis

Contemporary, Military, SciFi, Space Opera, Post Apocalyptic, Time Travel, Mystery/Thriller, Supernatural & Paranormal

Mark grew up on both coasts, first in Westchester County, New York, then in Westlake Village, California. Mark and his wife, Kim, now live in Castle Rock, Colorado, with their three dogs, Rika, Sammi, and Lilly. Mark's been writing for over 6 years, with thirty best-selling novels. Previously, Mark and Kim produced/directed the full-length feature film, Openings, the Search for Harry.


TITLES FROM the Author

USS Hamilton – Miasma Burn

USS Hamilton, Book 2

USS Hamilton – Ironhold Station

USS Hamilton, Book 1

Gun Ship

The Hidden Ship

Ship Wrecked III

Ship Wrecked, Book 3

Ship Wrecked II

Ship Wrecked, Book 2

Guardian Ship


The Cloudwalker Saga, Book 1

Boy Gone

Boy Gone, Book 1