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Michael Manning

Dark Fantasy, Epic, Fantasy, Paranormal, Sword & Sorcery, YA, Dragon

Michael Manning, a retired pharmacist, has been a fantasy and science-fiction reader for most of his life. He has dabbled in software design, fantasy art, and is an avid tree climber. He lives in Texas, with his stubborn wife, two kids, and a menagerie of fantastic creatures, including a moose-poodle, a vicious yorkie, and a giant prehistoric turtle.


TITLES FROM the Author

Scholar of Magic

Art of the Adept, Book 3

Secrets and Spellcraft

Art of the Adept, Book 2

The Choice of Magic

Art of the Adept, Book 1

Transcendence and Rebellion

The Riven Gates, Book 3


The Silent Tempest

Embers of Illeniel, Book 2

The Severed Realm

The Riven Gates, Book 2

The Mountains Rise

Embers of Illeniel, Book 1


The Riven Gates, Book 1

Betrayer’s Bane

Embers of Illeniel, Book 3