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Nathan Lowell

Sci-fi, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Space Opera

Nathan has been a full time self-published author since 2012. He delights in taking existing tropes and twisting them around to suit his own stories. , Nathan Lowell became a full-time, self-published novelist in 2012. He hasn't looked back except to marvel at the progress.


TITLES FROM the Author

Working Class

SC Marva Collins, Book 2

School Days

SC Marva Collins, Book 1

The Wizard’s Butler

The Wizard’s Butler, Book 1

Suicide Run

Smuggler’s Tales, Book 2

Quarter Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 1

Owner’s Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 6

Milk Run

Smuggler’s Tales, Book 1

In Ashes Born

Seeker’s Tale, Book 1

Home Run

Smuggler’s Tales, Book 3

Half Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 2

Full Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 3

Double Share

Trader’s Tales, Book 4

Dark Knight Station: Origins