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Book Series:

Ascension Gate

Contains books 1 and 2 of the Ascension Gate series.

A gateway to the stars. A colonization mission gone wrong.

The Marines hold the fate of our universe in their hands.

It was supposed to be a peaceful exploration, Earth’s first step in expanding to the stars. But, no plan survives first contact. Thrown into a battle for survival against the deadliest threats imaginable, the Marines must contend with ice and desert planets with mysterious creatures, along with a history of turmoil that threatens to spill over to Earth if not checked.

Meanwhile, a genetically-engineered threat rises on Earth— one that holds the secret to this intergalactic war.

Will our heroes in space survive long enough to make a difference? Can Earth’s forces solve the mystery and put the pieces together in time?

They damn well better hurry, or an ancient, long-forgotten enemy will gain an unassailable foothold in their control of the universe and all within.



Ascension Gate: Publisher's Pack

Ascension Gate, Books 1-2

Ascension Gate: Publisher's Pack 2

Ascension Gate, Books 3-4


Justin Sloan

JUSTIN SLOAN wrote video games before becoming a full-time author, with credits on such games as TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS, WALKING DEAD, and GAME OF THRONES, along with Marvel and mobile games. Now you can find his military science fiction and space superheroes books on Amazon, KU, and He studied writing at Johns Hopkins and screenwriting at UCLA. Along with his time as a Signals Intelligence Marine, Justin has worked for the government, taught Muay Thai kickboxing and Marine Corps Martial Arts, and can play three songs on the bagpipes.



Hayden Bishop

First and foremost I am an actor; I have a passion for telling stories, truthfully, honestly, and in a way that makes you feel something. I have been performing on camera, stage, and behind the mic for over ten years. For the past three years I have been training in martial arts and yoga. I bring all of these skills together to be the best at what I do but I also strive to learn more every single day to keep growing in my career and as a person overall.