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Cowboy Necromancer

There are some places that defy description, so otherworldly that they couldn’t exist on Earth.

Or so Sterling Monedero thinks.

Suddenly transported to a barren salt flat, Sterling must fight for survival once a terrifying creature appears. His journey heats up as he discovers that his teammates have been transported to this unknown land as well, and that all he has to do is seek them out.

Easier said than done…

Taking on super-powered cults, discovering the secrets of ancient petroglyphs and what they have to do with the alien monoliths known as Godwalkers, coming head to head with a pair of devious necromancers, leveling up in preparation for the final showdown; all are challenges Sterling must overcome as he presses south through a canyon-filled desert with a plan so insane it just might work.

Bestselling author Harmon Cooper takes you on an epic thrill ride through desolate landscapes and dystopian urban decay in Cowboy Necromancer, a dark fantasy adventure that will leave you wanting more.



Infinite Dusk

Cowboy Necromancer, Book 1

Infinite Dark

Cowboy Necromancer, Book 2


Harmon Cooper

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Harmon Cooper eventually moved to Asia, where he spent five years in Japan, India, and Mongolia. He is the author of Death's Mantle, as well as a number of GameLit, Harem, and Cultivation titles.



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