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Fallen Power

Tristan has their Fallen ship. The Risen want it back.

Hunted by an obsessed cult, a small town hidden in the swamp seems the perfect place to hunker down with his Bound and attempt a second true binding. The Risen have something else in mind—the town’s Fallen relic and the key to binding light and shadow. They bend the very earth to their purpose and bring new foes, savages from the frozen north with beasts corrupted by Fallen power.

Tristan stands in their way. But if the Risen can’t have the Fallen relic, they’ll settle for him instead.

Twin Gifts make Tristan dangerous prey, yet surviving the predator’s attacks isn’t enough. To take the fight to his enemies, Tristan needs more than just the strength of his arm. Can he and his Bound find friends among foes and a deeper understanding of the Fallen power raging inside him?

This story contains graphic violence, eager women, and explicit harem relationships. Only vanquished foes fade to black.



Storm Unbound

Fallen Power, Book 1

Shade's Edge

Fallen Power, Book 2


Leo Hull

Leo Hull writes pulp fantasy and science fantasy adventure novels. He lives with his wife and dog, and they can often be found fighting with weeds or exploring local parks.