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Legendary Rule

Ajax and the girls are off to the convention, yet things are boiling under the surface.

Sarah has some confessing to do. Meanwhile, Ajax is faced with more and more things crossing between the real world and inside the game Legendary Rule. He's forced to confront the idea that the world of LR might be just as real as his own.

A bomb is dropped on the group as a new announcement for Legendary Rule sends everyone from Ajax to the Mega corps scrambling to find the last key to the vaults of DSG, lost with the death of Tyren's royal family, promising unimaginable power for a player.

Something Ajax knows all too well is about to have serious real world consequences…

Warning: This book contains explicit content, harem romance, and violence. Content may not be suitable for those under 18.



Legendary Rule

Legendary Rule, Book 1

Legendary Rule 2

Legendary Rule, Book 2

Legendary Rule 3

Legendary Rule, Book 3


Bruce Sentar

Born and raised in the agricultural midwest, I moved around quite a bit even going as far as Shanghai before setting back in Chicago. I am an avid reader of Wuxia and Western novels. I was thrilled to find the harem genre had come west. When my reading outpaced the works being put out I set out to write a novel. I've been writing scenes of my daydreams as a hobby since highschool and I'm excited to finally share those stories.



Brandon Utah